Monday, May 3, 2010

The Book...

So I have subscription to Fitness Magazine...which I love getting once a month. It has great articles, clothing suggestions, and tips on exercising. This month in the magazine they talked about a book for summer. I remember reading about it because of the title.
So yesterday I went to town I am walking around of course I start to do my pee I go into Barnes and Noble. Barnes and Noble has a captive audience with me because I love books and a clean facility. As I am walking back out trying as hard as can to not look around (yes Dave Ramsey I am listening and I love the library!) what do I see but this book. So I begin to glance through the book...I NEED a book to read for the month of May since I won't be in class...and it is Sunday so the library is closed!
So I buy the book! And read the whole thing yesterday afternoon. This book has many insights into keeping your body healthy and hot. It has exercises to get you into shape and a diet, and yes you get to actually eat. So today I am starting my 2 day cleanse (read the book its not crazy). Right now I am enjoying my green tea snack :)

So what is the book...

So I am a little embarrassed to be putting this on my blog but it really is an amazing book and I want all of my friends to read it! Well I know that all of you look amazing, but it has tips on bronzing and a do it yourself pedicure. Things that I guess any cosmo reader would already know, but I am not a cosmo reader.

I took the book to the gym today (had to take of the jacket so that people wouldn't lust at the semi naked girl on the cover) and enjoyed my a.m. strength workout. Came home and exfoliated my legs in the shower and used my butt firming cream. Thankyou to my special friend that purchased this for me 2 Christmases in a row now it is amazing!

So this whole training diet thing is 6 weeks (well really 9 according to the book but the cover says 6?) so we will see if the book is as great as I think it is today.

Also thank you Traget for having really cute swim suits out for motivation! See you July 4th for the Biggest Loser Results!

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  1. Whoa whoa whoa! Why am i just learning that you had a blog? This makes my day! i am so happy to "see" you more this way. Yaaaay!