Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A long overdue post...

So I have been a little busy over the past month (yes that has been how long since I blogged!). Don't worry though I am not taking any classes the month of May so I will have lots of time for daily updates!

So the cliff's notes to my life the past month.

May 27th- Bridge Run I met my goal of an hour!
I had been thinking about doing a half-marathon but then someone told me that my knees wouldn't be able to handle that so I am going to make my new goal to improve my 10k time.

May 29th- Got into MUSC's nursing program!
This one probably deserves more of a lengthy post, sorry. Basically I have been given a great opportunity to persue what I think is my calling in life, it is truely a blessing from God. When I am up all night studying remind me of this!

Easter- Giles' brother and family come to town!

So Giles' brother is amazing. He has been battling cancer for many years and is still an incredible man of courage and faith. His wife is amazing as well and has been by his side through it all. They have 2 adorable little boys that I can't even tell you how cute they are and how much I love them. Giles planned a party on the Carolina Girl for Travis' birthday party and invited all of the people that mean the most to the both of them. It was an amazing and encouraging time. I will post pictures on a future post (I don't have the camera card right now), but they are on facebook too!

Easter we went to Life Park, which just opened in the north area. It was great we loved it! Giles and I have been bck since and I think are going to try to make it our church family.

April 10th- Giles and I went to Chalotte for a 10k and to visit my sister and mom.

It was great time we ran through the neighborhood that I grew up in and I told Giles lots of stories along the way. He was so sweet and ran with me encouraging me the whole time. He is alot faster than me so he coached me while I ran. Another hour 10k under my belt. My mom and I went to the whitewater center and had lunch that afternoon while Giles and his dad rode bikes, it is so nice out there! Giles also brought back with him my grandfather's old bike. It is a vintage bike and it was all rusted etc. Giles has been working on it and it looks amazing. It meant alot to me that he is taking such good care of it now.


So I was so excited that Giles got us tickets. We were running a few minuites behind which I was upset to be missing any of DAVE. I literally have been waiting for a few years to go to this event, not including the time that I spend everyday listeneing to him! So Iwas a little irritated that we were late but it paid off. Thanks to Giles we got to sit in the floor VIP seats! I was so excited I was one of DAVE's VIP's at the el cheapo price. It was a great experience for Giles and I to share together, and he finally realizes why I am constantly talking about Dave like I am having an affair with the guy. At the event Dave talked about finances, on section was about paying for college. His suggestion (which I already knew) was to make finding scholarships a full time job, and to get a part time job. I heard him loud and clear.

April 14th- Get another job.

I have been working this semester part-time for my dad. Yes no more Chick-fil-A, I really ave missed the kids and the excitement. In May I am only taking one class and so I really needed to find somethng elso to occupy my time, oh and get more money for school in the fall. Long story short I saw on Craig's list how 17 North was hiring. It is my favorite restaurant! So I updated my resume and took it by there. Met the manager that afternoon when I dropped it off, and was hired to start the next day! It has been a bit of a whirlwind since I was thinking I would start after exams but it is so great. I like the people that work there, I am able to interact with the guests, and the food is amazing! Did I mention that Dave told me to work there too?

April 14th- present

So I really didn't want to start that day! I have had school and work...EXAMS! It will all be worth it though next week when I am not conflicted with so many responsibilities. Maybe then I will be able to go to the beach! At least possibly update my blog more :)


Giles' brother will be having surgery. If you are interested in the details call me, but if you would pray for Travis and his family that would be appreciated!

Photo's next post I promise! And thanks to all of my readers, I stopped blogging because I didn't think anyone was reading. Apparently yall missed me so I'm back. I will work on more datailed funny stories!


  1. B...there are so many exciting things going on in this post. First, woohoo on the bridge run. I remember not too many years ago, it was quite a different story. Secondly, congrats on MUSC. I know that this is the desire of your heart and what a blessing that it was able to come to fruition. Lastly, if I send you some stuff to sell for me, we can work out a commission...I can contribute to the Barbara Parker scholarship fund.

  2. Hey Barbara! You do have a lot going on in your life. I like that you have the blog so I can still at least I can pretend to be friends with you :) Ever coming back to Charlotte? I would LOVE to see you.