Monday, March 22, 2010

Hello George Washington Goodbye Blackberry!

So numbered the stories because even I was a little lost on how they all relate. If I number them they can all seem like seperate ideas even though they are all jumbled in my head.

1. So as I have stated in a previous post I am all about finding deals on the internet but...I have also become a pretty good seller as well. Last week I sold 3 items, so far this week I am a little slow with 1 (but it is monday too, and I am selling Giles' stuff and he is giving me half the money, a pretty good deal!).

I deleted point 2 beacuse it really didn't relate and could be a whole post on it's own!

3. So my air conditioning breaks :( Can't a girl get a break? The only remotely good thing about this is that it is the ideal time of year for this as for the past week I haven't run the air at all. Ashley didn't notice that the air hadn't been on so I don't feel like any comfort is being sacrificed. I am going green, not using electricity, and not spending money on the air conditioner. Well that is until I can sell enough stuff to replace it :)

4. If you are still following read on...I know I like tangents, runons, and ( ) so thanks for making it thus far. So a LOOOONG story short my cell phone bill has gotten insane. But my bill was being automatically drafted so I didn't really know quite how bad it had gotten in recent months (a long story not worth telling). As I started watching all off my little george washingtons I realized that our expensive $140.00 plan is now almost $300 insane expensive. Yes $300 dollars, also half of my summer school tuition, or 1/10 of the cost of a new condensing unit for my air, if you are counting like I am. Come to find out that we are being charged for a line that has NEVER even been used, $50.00 to be exact. So not to get off on another tangent about cell phone companies, and how I feel like they are tricksters out for a commission. I will try to get to the point.

5. Why do I NEED a Blackberry?? I don't travel for work, I can check my e-mail from the home or office, I don't use the calendar...So what exactly is the extra $30/month data package really buying me?? Cool points I guess. As soon as you turn 10 in America you get a cell phone and by 15 you have already graduated to a blackberry or iphone. They give you a "free" blackberry, or they have even now been doing the buy one get 2. I now know why, they hook you for 2 for 2 years for an extra $60 a month! It is just ridiculous. So therefore I have decided I am down grading. I am sure I will loose alot of friends over this being as I think I will be the only person without a blackberry, smartphone, iphone. I can still open $1,000 emails on my phone a month (I honestly probably don't get many more than that, even including the daily ones from j.crew and pottery barn). I purchased a phone with a full key board so don't have to sacrifice there. I think I am going to survive! I think that actually not being able to instantaneously check my emails will be a really possitive thing. I don't have to worry about driving down the road checking to see if the item I am about to loose on ebay was something I really wanted. Yes we can all deny it but I think that everyone reading this has texted or read an email while driving. Maybe even with the 30 dollars I am saving a month ($360 a year) I won't have to charge on a credit card Christmas presents that I am still paying for!

6. So in conclusion to all of these side stories I am the winner! I am selling not only my curve but some other sprint phones that I have had left over from when we switched to Verizon. I may become a loser because I don't have a status symbol phone and hundreds of apps. But I am also the same girl who rocked a Nextel all through high school and didn't care (oh yes the yellow brick). So maybe your phone doesn't define who you are...we will see...

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  1. I don't like phone companies either! I totally downgraded my blackberry to a regular phone. When I start to think how uncool I am, I remind myself that I am actually very cool for not getting hooked into Verizon's stupid $30/ month extra fee! If you don't need it, its just crazy!