Tuesday, March 2, 2010

So apparently I am not the only one...

So as you all know I am obsessed with the Honda Odyssey (I dream of a white touring edition with tan leather and backup sensors). I recieved an email of the 2011 photos from the auto show that I was going to share, but when I was trying to find these photos to post I found something better. Spy photos since before the van was released. The fact that they have to secretly test at night with a canvas over the sides makes these vans even cooler to me.

So I tried to post these photos after saving etc. BUT this site is so secret that I can only post the link and you can see the awesomeness yourself.


If you want to see the AWESOME NEW white one here is the link for that...


Don't worry I am not going to be buying one of these in the fall! I have to finish nursing school (after I get accepted of course), and I wouldn't buy one new either, because Dave Ramsey says not to. Also I am still holding out hope for the hybrid...I am sure by the time I finally have children honda will have come out with one!

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