Wednesday, March 3, 2010

So happy but...

So today I found out that I got into Trident for Nursing. I had alrady been accepted into the Fall 2011 class but that seemed like forever away when the program is two years long! I am so fortunate to have gotten bumped up on the waiting list for this program. All the people I have known that have gone there are great nurses as well as friends. The program is great clinicaly and well respected in the community.

Today the volunteers toured the new East Cooper Hospital and I could see myself working there as a nurse and being so happy. The womens services/ nursey as well as the surgical area are so impressive. I began to get even more excited about starting the program in the Fall, that much closer to helping people!

I have it in my mind though that I should get my degree from MUSC, that in the longterm it would be the better choice. I won't go into all of the reasons I think that it is the better for me, mainly because most of you don't really care to know the differences in the two programs. On this exciting day when I found out that I could start the program at Trident early (which is my second choice but still great!) I also found out that they are only accepting 10% of the applicants at MUSC. While I am so excited and eager I am also continuing to wait for my first choice which won't be for three more weeks...

So happy but...
On another note I began e-mailing and texting people with the exciting news. Got messages on facebook and supportive wonderful messages from friends. An old friend wrote "your smile and laughter is going to be all a patient needs to feel better" which made me feel great. I also feel a little sad though, because someone that I used to consider one of my best friends didn't share this day with me. We have grown apart as we both have grown up and had our lives go in different directions. Neither one bad or good just different, but in those differences seperation. I have always tried to maintain good friendships with people, though I think that we all could do a better job at that. This friendship became so much work, hurt feelings, and misunderstandings. I realized that neither one of us were being encouraged or loved in the current state of our friendship and we continue to divide. The point is that on this day, a day that I have been looking forward to, I couldn't share it with this person. There is just too much between us now.

I AM SO HAPPY THOUGH TO BE STARTING SCHOOL IN THE FALL, even with the mixed emotions I am so blessed to have the ability and support to go to school, to become a nurse, to help people!

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  1. I'm super happy for you. That is pretty amazing. Since my recent stints in the hospital, I would've given my toe for you to be there.