Thursday, March 11, 2010

Recent Happenings...

So I haven't had a post this week because I have been studying. I had a test today that I was lagely unprepared for, which could be in part because I should be studying instead of blogging!
I got a great chair from habitat that was 10 dollars. I will have to paint it but it looks exactly like a $189 dollar chair at pottery barn so yay for me.
Annie had to go to the vet on Monday and get an iv beacuse she had a stomach bug. Taking her to the vet has made me doubt motherhood. I was crying as they put the IV in her and pumped her full of fluids. They gave her some "bland" canned dog food to try to settle her stomach...she loved it though so go figure.
So this week I didn't have class Tuesday beacuse of "spring break" which is not really a break they give us 2 days one week and 2 days 2 weeks later, so it is more like a spring pause. Not a big deal to me since I have not had spring break for the past 5 years (but once I start school I have spring and Christmas break, I am not going to lie I am pretty excited about that!)
So about nursing school, I will try to promise that I will not talk about this every post! So today I raced home from my test (I knew they had sent letters out today from MUSC), analyzed the envelope IT WAS THIN. I opened it scanned...I am on the wait list. Out of over 400 people that applied they accepted 60 and then they put 30 on a waitlist. If spots open up then they contact the people on the wait list. I am so excited to still have the opportunity to go to MUSC! I may just have to wait a few more months to find out. I am still hopeful I will be able to start in the fall, and am also thinking that God is teaching me a lesson on HIS timing, or maybe that once I do get in I will be more thankful! As you all know I am not the most patient person. Well let me elaborate, I am very patient with many things, and I feel that I am pretty slow to anger, don't get road rage, and am always patient with children and the elderly. I am however a planner. I constantly make plans, calendars, goals and work to achieve them. Delays in my plans are very sad and confusing to me. God, is this not what you wanted for my life? Have I heard you wrong? I am hoping that I will just find out a month or so later (people have to reserve there spots with in 3 weeks and then they review there waiting list). In the mean time am hoping to have peace with where I am, faith in what the Lord has in store for me, and patience. If I don't get into MUSC for Fall 2010...well that is a whole new debate as to weather to start at Trident in the Fall 2010 of reapply to MUSC?

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