Monday, August 16, 2010


So I find it kind of funny that my last name is Parker but I am awful at parking. I don't know exactly when this happened as I used to be able to park my Tahoe in a Vespa size parking space on King street??
This has only recently presented a problem for me because for at least the next 16 months I will be having to park downtown. Did I mention parking garages terrify me. I don't know why exactly I just imagine it collapsing, or get freaked out thinking that someone is going to attack me while I am walking down the stairs, or thinking where the closest ATM is because I am pretty sure I don't have any cash. It is a little too much to think about all at once.
Luckily all of my current parking choices at MUSC are surface parking, but they are very inconvenient to say the least. Oh yeah today the lot I am supposed to park in was closed b/c of flooding...another potential hazard to an already stressful situation. This is also the one downtown that you have to ride a bus 30 min. to school because it is so far! So I think that I am going to park at the K-Mart in Mt.Pleasant and take the bus downtown, the ONLY negative to that is getting back if it is after 6 but I think then I could just ride the non express route or I could ride my bike back?
HELP! Can anyone give me suggestions as to how to overcome this?

Friday, August 13, 2010

so long micro!

First thanks to all that prayed for me and my Microbiology class. I have no idea how but I ended up with a B in the class! It ranks up here in the all time worst classes in my academic career. I could give you all many pointless things that I had to learn but instead I will summarize...

There are tiny microscopic things in the air, water, and food...oh and some in your body too. You are exposed to them everyday no matter how much you try to avoid them. These particles make you sick or could kill you. Things to avoid are: water, breathing, food, blood, tissues, mold, sushi, mosquito's, birds, sex, daycare centers, hospitals, restaurants, beef, gas pumps, water fountains, nail salons, airplanes, travel, bathrooms, winter, summer, and sand (there are more but you get the picture).

I cashed in my book and ordered my transcript for MUSC. So long TTC Palmer campus its been a fun year!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Another heart felt post...

My dear friend Brandi (Drake) Lanier had a precious baby girl last week. She came a week early and not a moment too soon for a pregnant mom in August SC heat! She really is so gorgeous, healthy, and heavenly. I cannot wait to meet her (and now that summer school is over I finally can!) I know that in an earlier post I have told all my readers how much Brandi has meant to me. She has been a loving and supportive friend for the past 8 years and is going to be an even more fabulous mother. So I stole these off facebook and love them. ENJOY.

Bloggers Block

So I want to apologize to all of my readers. The reason that I haven't blogged in so long is that I have had some heavier stuff going on in my life and didn't really know how to address it in this forum. Most of my blog posts are light and I didn't want what to seem insensitive or disrespectful...but the blog must go on just as life must go on. Giles told me last night that it was time to begin my posts again and to keep it true to the rest of the posts, an escape for myself as well as others. So I am going to try to once again to mix reality, comedy, and life into my posts.

Giles' brother, Travis Branch, passed away several weeks ago. He was an amazing husband, father, and best friend to many people. He impacted so many people with is life in such a positive way and will truly leave a legacy, not to mention two adorable little boys and a loving graceful wife! Throughout the whole funeral, mourning, and celebrating it has been a blessing to be included into such an amazing family, group of friends, and community. All of the wonderful people I have met, stories I have heard, and abounding love I have felt have been a true testament of how God was working in Travis' life and continues to work.

Last weekend there was a celebration of Travis' life after the spreading of his ashes. Many of you reading were probably there, but for those of you who weren't it was fabulous! Giles did a great job with his toast, and I apologize I cannot get it to load on here but I hope to figure it out. Giles is also a great Uncle for the boys and it is so fun to watch his heart melting over two little boys. Travis' wife, Carrie, was also amazing to watch. Her strength during this time has been breathtaking as well as the love that her family and friends have poured over her.

Carrie, Giles and TJ (Carries brother)


People have been so generous helping Travis' family out financially for the boys future education. For those of you that are interested there is an account set up for the boys.

In lieu of flowers, an education trust has been set up for Parker and Tyler Branch.

Please send to:
Putnam County Savings Bank
PO Box 417
2477 Route 6
Brewster, NY 10509
Attn: Mr. Daniel Ryan, President

Thank you all for your prayers and support!