Monday, August 16, 2010


So I find it kind of funny that my last name is Parker but I am awful at parking. I don't know exactly when this happened as I used to be able to park my Tahoe in a Vespa size parking space on King street??
This has only recently presented a problem for me because for at least the next 16 months I will be having to park downtown. Did I mention parking garages terrify me. I don't know why exactly I just imagine it collapsing, or get freaked out thinking that someone is going to attack me while I am walking down the stairs, or thinking where the closest ATM is because I am pretty sure I don't have any cash. It is a little too much to think about all at once.
Luckily all of my current parking choices at MUSC are surface parking, but they are very inconvenient to say the least. Oh yeah today the lot I am supposed to park in was closed b/c of flooding...another potential hazard to an already stressful situation. This is also the one downtown that you have to ride a bus 30 min. to school because it is so far! So I think that I am going to park at the K-Mart in Mt.Pleasant and take the bus downtown, the ONLY negative to that is getting back if it is after 6 but I think then I could just ride the non express route or I could ride my bike back?
HELP! Can anyone give me suggestions as to how to overcome this?


  1. I can give you the options that I had (and used):

    1) Express bus to and fro - last bus leaves the "musc stop" at 6.24pm

    2) (my current status) Park at the end of Ashley ave (by the battery) and walk back up. ~20 min walk, quite lovely, and mostly exempt to flooding (except close to the school). Free.

    3) Hagood (which may be where you have to park as a first year). Get there early to not have to wait on buses or fight for a spot, anytime before ~7.30am.

    4) Make a friend who doesn't use their ID for a parking pass and make a swap. Parking services knows more, but I just got a pass for the fall and all they had left was BB lot (other side of harborview tower). Buses pick up from there, but I just walk down lockwood to bee, I HATE the buses for musc (reminds me of field trips in grade school).

    If it were me (again), assuming i'm done by 615 I'd take express bus, followed by parking at the battery in second.

    hope this helps and don't be a stranger!

  2. Just one reason I hate Charleston. I parked in Hagood and ruined several pairs of shoes and got a lot of random parking tickets there...and the buses smell and they won't let you bring food/drink on them! Ok, enough Debbie Downer. But I do sympathize with the parking issues. At least at Hagood there are other normal people around most times of day. Just make sure you park somewhere safe!!!!

  3. So did you realize that you post things that we never even talk about? I guess that is because you are so busy telling me all the nice things I like to hear. Like how nice it is you have a boyfriend that reads your Blog and how great he is to follow your life via the internet... Another option is to get a Vespa or ride the bike?