Monday, July 23, 2012

My whole new thing...finishing a thing!

I am always loving to try new things...not just trying them but becoming semi-good at them. Baking, pottery, tennis, being glutten free. It is fun for a while. I will go out and get some fun kitchen gadgets, a new cute workout outfit, read as much on the internet as possible to become an "expert". But then it fades. The golf clubs in the garage take up space and remind me that often times i am not the best at following through with things. That is one of my biggest flaws I think...not sticking with something. Is it that I haven't found "my thing" or is it soemthing else? A few years ago I began training for a half marathon. And I did it but the last 6 weeks or so my desire to train started to fizzle. I would get bored and lonely on long runs. I was doing it just to be able to say I finished something. The race was pretty anti climactic. My ipod died about 3 miles in, the sun was blazing down on me, my hips were so tight every step was painful. As I crossed the finish I thought thank GOD it is over! I am not going to run EVER AGAIN! I of course started running again but have still never felt that runners high. My pace has yet to improve. So why in the world would I want to train for another 1/2 marathon?! I registered for the Savannah half marathon today. November 3rd, 2012 I am going to finish strong. "... run with patience the race that is set before us ..." Heb. 12:1-3

you are what you eat...and drink?

Dear Claire: Thank you for encouraging me to think more about what I am putting into my body. Your blog is truely an inspiration, even if I did 25% of your posts I think I would be alot happier and healthier. I could probably save a few cows, reduce my carbon footprint, SAVE THE WORLD? First it was meat...I am meatless (other than the occational slice of cheese pizza, and of course fish tacos!) this is week 3 of being meat free. I have found some pretty amazing treats suce as the Dean and Deluca Capresse Sandwich, pretty much anything at Mosaic (in the shops by Liquid Highway mt. p), and Amy's refried beans to name a few. I have felt better since not eating meat. I lost 3 pounds too which was a plus while trying on wedding dresses ;) There are those days though that I dream about Giles taking me to Oak Steakhouse. I would order a medium steak with grilled asparagus and mashed potatoes. Hopefully I would enjoy it and not feel horribly guilty? Then it was there a movie like forks over knives to motivate me to give it up? I found this article which only marginally motivates me: I would like for you to give me your top 5 substitutes as until then I will continue to have osteoporosis.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Engagement and insecurity

So let me first start out by saying some of this post comes from a little bit of hurt feelings that I received today. A girl dreams of getting engaged, well I think most do. And it really is an amazing feeling. It is a commitment towards marriage and acceptance and love etc... But then once you get engaged at least when I did your life becomes a display. How did he propose, ring Picts on Facebook (which I refuse to do), when are you getting married, where are you getting married. And for me that is when it began. Now this is coming from someone that always has lots of opinions and am more than happy to share them, but seriously I would hope that I was never as mean and judgmental as some people have been to me the same time I guess what goes around comes around. Ouch! Someone told me the day they got engaged they reserved the venue because they couldn't imagine how anyone would want to have it somewhere else. Then they asked me where my wedding was, followed by "oh it's not downtown...I have never heard of that place???". Seriously?? Other comments include...oh you know it could rain if you do an outdoor wedding right? Wow no I had totally not thought of that thanks for bringing that to my attention. I told a friend we were using similar flowers at the rehearsal dinner as the wedding...that way we could reuse and save money. Response: "that will ruin the reveal of your wedding colors on your wedding day". All I can say to them is no offense but I cannot remember a single persons rehearsal dinner flowers except for 1, and it wasn't the person that said it. I am just venting now. The point is I am sorry if I ever made anyone feel that way! Despite loving to cut up and acting silly sometimes I really don't like to feel like my life is on display. It makes me feel really self conscious and insecure. It also makes me try to be more sensitive about the things I say to other people. I am sure at some point I have said something that has made someone feel the same way I feel, and that hurts my heart! The truth is at the end of the day the only thing that people will know you for is your character, how well you love, honesty, integrity, and the kind of friend you are. That is why in the next 10 months I am going to be more careful of what I say, try to be less judgmental and more loving, less opinionated and more accepting. I will be planning an event that lasts 8 hours, while the "life display" continues I hope that people see a soft, sweet, compassionate person, that will hopefully be an impression for years to come. Long after the memories of may 11, 2013 fade.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

heavy on the veggie...

So a friend of mine has started a blog: And I have to admit at first I thought it was a little out there, but of course I was a little curious too. So last weekend I watched the movie Forks over Knives. While I scrutinized a lot of the movie I also was a little more intrigued. I watched a few more netflix movies on how America was unhealthy, fat and hurting the planet. I went to work that night and contemplated getting the $5 baja fresh nachos (2020 calories and 101 grams of fat which I had actually never ordered because I figured they were horrible for you so I looked up the nutrition facts for a little more motivation)... but they are $5.00? I just got this nagging feeling inside of me that there could be some changes to improve my quality of life and well being. So I continued researching and reading about this whole meatless monday and going local concept. And thought I mean really why not try it what do I have to lose. So I proceeded to get tons of recipes and even got a whole vegan shopping list and meal plan going. Now let me just say that one book tells you to detox your kitchen, however I didn't do this. I have 2 fridges so I just put all of the bad stuff in the garage fridge and made the inside fridge the "good fridge". I figured over the summer I could use the bad stuff when my nephews come over or when I have out of town guests coming that want a hamburger. After all I do have alot of meat buy one get one that I couldn't just throw out. And who knows how long this whole new thing is going to last? I went to a local farmers market store (the vegetable bin) and Whole foods and I even stopped in at Trader Joes (how so many people are obsessed with that place is beyond me). Came home and was already feeling healthier and happier and I haven't even started eating right? So 4 day update: I actually do feel better. I have found that some of my favorite restaurants have vegan and vegetarian options. I decided to be vegan at home...vegetarian when eating out. I mean I am just trying to be realistic with all of this for starters who knows how long this will last? I think some of it maybe mind over matter. walking into the house with a huge bowl of fresh local fruit just makes me feel like I have helped my body and my planet. I saw Ellen talk about how she is vegan and she feels much less anxious now that she is not eating meat. I thought it was kind of insightful. So those are my thoughts for the day. Hopefully maybe this has inspired some of you :)