Thursday, July 5, 2012

heavy on the veggie...

So a friend of mine has started a blog: And I have to admit at first I thought it was a little out there, but of course I was a little curious too. So last weekend I watched the movie Forks over Knives. While I scrutinized a lot of the movie I also was a little more intrigued. I watched a few more netflix movies on how America was unhealthy, fat and hurting the planet. I went to work that night and contemplated getting the $5 baja fresh nachos (2020 calories and 101 grams of fat which I had actually never ordered because I figured they were horrible for you so I looked up the nutrition facts for a little more motivation)... but they are $5.00? I just got this nagging feeling inside of me that there could be some changes to improve my quality of life and well being. So I continued researching and reading about this whole meatless monday and going local concept. And thought I mean really why not try it what do I have to lose. So I proceeded to get tons of recipes and even got a whole vegan shopping list and meal plan going. Now let me just say that one book tells you to detox your kitchen, however I didn't do this. I have 2 fridges so I just put all of the bad stuff in the garage fridge and made the inside fridge the "good fridge". I figured over the summer I could use the bad stuff when my nephews come over or when I have out of town guests coming that want a hamburger. After all I do have alot of meat buy one get one that I couldn't just throw out. And who knows how long this whole new thing is going to last? I went to a local farmers market store (the vegetable bin) and Whole foods and I even stopped in at Trader Joes (how so many people are obsessed with that place is beyond me). Came home and was already feeling healthier and happier and I haven't even started eating right? So 4 day update: I actually do feel better. I have found that some of my favorite restaurants have vegan and vegetarian options. I decided to be vegan at home...vegetarian when eating out. I mean I am just trying to be realistic with all of this for starters who knows how long this will last? I think some of it maybe mind over matter. walking into the house with a huge bowl of fresh local fruit just makes me feel like I have helped my body and my planet. I saw Ellen talk about how she is vegan and she feels much less anxious now that she is not eating meat. I thought it was kind of insightful. So those are my thoughts for the day. Hopefully maybe this has inspired some of you :)

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