Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Giles and I have been dating for over a year and it is hard to believe that we are beginning to celebrate things for the second time. An example of this would be Giles' birthday (he is now 32!). I don't remember exactly what we did last year. I do remember one of the things I gave him last year was a kayak rental for the two of us, which we used and it was so fun! So I did that again this year. I also gave him this sports watch that he had been wanting, it is like a little mini computer.
Giles also has a tradition in his family that they get pepperidge farm birthday cakes. I did try to doll it up just a little but I didn't want to take away from the simplicity of it.
This morning I began to look back on Giles' past year of life and think about all of the good memories we have had together. It made me appreciate how much I love him!
He is a do it yourself handyman, mountain biker, athlete, good listener, great travel companion, snuggler, brother, supportive fun loving man. I am so lucky to have him in my life!

I mean who wouldn't love to hang out with this guy? Notice his new watch?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What are you waiting for?

It is hard to believe that this time last year I had begun to consider nursing school. Next week I am beginning my last prerequisite at Trident and will be starting school in August. I cannot believe that I am actually doing this! I think back over the past year the fear, frustration, doubt, excuses and realize that all of that was on th ourney of doing what I really feel called to do. You would be suprised how many people my age as well as people older say " I always wanted to be a ___________________ , but it never worked out for me to do it". I wanted to _________ but never had the time or money. I thought the same thing! I never saw myself going back to school, only to get out and have all of the worst shifts and be at the bottom of the ladder, but this is my path. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

This isn't just for people that have a desire to make a carreer change or go back to school. As we approach the halfway mark to a year (what were my resolution again?) I think about my goals am I on the way to them? I am. Sure some of the goals have changed, some have been accomplished, but every morning as I am drying my hair I look at them and think about how I am going to accomplish those goals, what do I need to do today, tommorrow, next week, next month, next year. If you don't have something to aim for then you will never make it!

I am not saying that I have all of the answers or that I have figured out life, but this song has become an inspiration for me and maybe it will inspire you!


Running Topless!

I am hoping that just by the title I will get a few more readers for this one, it is a little more light hearted than my previous post...

So apparenly I write alot of stuff on here that people wonder but no one ever talks about or asks. I think that my chances of becoming royalty or the president are pretty slim so I am not going to hold back on my readers...

So I have always wanted to run without a shirt on. Mainly because it decreases the amount of laundry I would have to do, I would be able to get tan while I run, and because I always wanted to be that girl that could run in just a "jog bra" and have people marvel at my fitness. So Monday morning I decided it was the day! I put on my favorite jog skirt and jog bra and headed out. As many of yall know I have to have a supportive jog bra, half moon sells these great moving comfort bras with adjustable straps that I highly recommend. It is very supportive for you ladies that are livin large ;) So I ran for 45 minuites down mathis ferry through ion etc. When you are just wearing a bra I have found that it is easier to keep running because you want to look like a super star, and so that you can get home quicker.

I also ran without my muffin top! Yes it is true my diet/ excercie book is working. I have also tried to stop taking myself so seriously which I think has reduced my stress and therefore decreased my belly bulk. I read about that in the flat belly diet book I recently picked up at the library. It also focuses on reducing calories and I picked it up to give myself some more menu or snack ideas. Oh and it also has some fast food menu ideas too which is helpful for an on the go alternative, I will finish reading it and let you know if it is worth picking up.

A few other notes I bought new aveeno moisurizing lotion which was a disappointment, they missed the mark with this one! Also the "leg" cream that I use is called "Fat Girl Slim". I scrub the back of my legs every morning with st. Ives Apricot fiming scrub then put on the cream. To my 2 male readers...yes this is what girls talk about.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

6 years ago...

Its hard to believe how much time has past, how many things have changed, how little time has passed, and how little things have changed. It was six years ago today that my Grandfather, William Simons, passed away. Sometimes it feels like just yesterday he was here, laughing and joking, but then I come to the reality that he has gone on in life. Today I heard this song on XM ad it made me cry. It is so true of my feelings about the situation and losing someone that you love.

I had thought all day about attaching photos of our family, but unfortunately none of them are digital and my scanner and memory card are not being compatible at the moment :( I will try again tomorrow for the photos that I cherish.

A few days ago I had my feelings hurt again by a friend (which continues to happen so I don't even really know why I call them a friend) and was going to post a passive aggressive post about how I felt. Instead, I am going to post a positive uplifting message about a great friend that I do have...hang on it all comes back around hopefully.

This time six years ago my heart literally broke. I will never forget the nights I cried myself to sleep, the drives from Columbia to Charlotte to be with my grandfather, the outbursts of anger towards God. I have never been at such a place of hurt, sadness and vulnerability. I really don't know how anyone wanted to be my friend Spring semester of my Junior year of college I was literally a mess! God allowed me to maintain lots of friendships during this time and that is because they were deep true friendships! All of which I still have to this day, and truly cherish. Again back to the point...

Brandi Drake (now Brandi Lanier) came to my Grandfathers funeral and I will never forget her support! I never asked her to come but she insisted, she was the one at my side during my darkest of hours. In six years she has graduated college and medical school, gotten married, and is now expecting a sweet baby girl! She will be the best of mothers, I know because she lifted me up of the floor, wiped my face and loved me in the moment I needed it the most! I love you Brandi, and will never forget your friendship and how well you continue to love me.

I almost forgot that I picked her up from Columbia so she could ride with me to go get Annie in Florence (and the drive back to Columbia!). I will always remember that and how nervous I was and how reassuring she was...another example of her amazing friendship!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I have readers!

As some of you know I have felt a little silly sometimes writing my blog because I have felt like no one was reading it. So last week I linked my blog to google analytics. The first day I had zero hits! I of course was distressed because people had told me that they were reading it, but I was afraid that the google analytics would prove I am writing this to no one...
So I checked the analytics again today. In one week I have had 74 unique visitors! I immediately justified my need for a new camera to spice up my posts for those of you that are reading this. So I went to my amazon shopping cart and bingo I will be receiving a new camera tomorrow. I signed up for their amazon prime trial so I got free shipping! No need to get crazy and blow my budget on shipping, I did pay a little more for a camera with a video feature, just so that maybe I could get really crazy and posts videos. It is Giles' birthday next week too so I felt obligated to document the occasion for all of my faithful fans! And to whoever is reading this in Alaska, holla!

Sullivan's Morning with Poison Ivy!

I was able to take Annie to the beach this morning. It was a great time. I love seeing her excitement when she finds shells, stumps and jelly fish! It is hard to explain my love for annie. I never knew what it was like to love a pet as much as I love her. I am scared to have children because I know that I will think that they are even more amazing than annie, and that I will be that mom who thinks that her child is the greatest!

In regards to the beach... Giles and I last summer had a few run ins with "poison ivy". Really long story made short there is a woman who lives on Sullivan's that regulates the beach collars, hours of on leash and off leash time, poo patrol etc. You get what I am saying. So anyway last summer Giles and this woman had a few run ins. My favorite was the day that we went up "her private path" on mothers day. My mom was with us and poison ivy began to start to fight with Giles. She told us that it was " her path" and that we didn't have access to it. It was a public path, so Giles of course started to debate. He was winning until she told my mom there was poison ivy all down the path and to go ahead and get poison ivy! That immediately made mom want to turn around however it was after 10 so annie had to get off of the beach and we had already gone 200 yards through sand spurs so we weren't turning back! It was a stressful mothers day morning to say the least. There were a few other side stories regarding this woman but I have gone on enough. We hadn't seen her in a while and thought maybe she had moved off the island and her beach patrol...BUT TODAY I SPOTTED HER!

I had taken annie on a walk and was almost back to the car...I saw her 2 goldens, they are as pleasant as she is (sarcasm! they always pick on annie). I made sure to dangle my collar as to avoid a confrontation. She bent over and began petting annie. I am confused is this the same woman that created so much conflict for us every Saturday last summer? Oh yes however her scowl is gone? Her attire is different and she is giving Annie a treat (I have to admit I thought it could be poison at first). She stops and speaks to me I am sure it is the same woman but totally different. I am overjoyed at her friendliness. I can't wait for Giles to see this transformation it is really unbelievable!

It was an amazing morning and I am so glad that I slept through spin so I could slow down and enjoy the beautiful beach today. I can have a calm relaxed day knowing that annie has had her morning bonding with mommy, and that she as always has attracted compliments by all the beach walkers of how cute she is!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Aaahhh! aveeno

So I have been talking alot about saving money for many posts now and it continues but more in a happy to find context...
So I used to get suckered into getting the latest and greatest shampoo and conditioner when I go to get my hair done (there is always room in the budget for that!). I noticed though that I was spending a ton of money on "designer" shampoo and conditioner. I was converted around Christmas when I was traveling with little travel bottles of shampoo and noticed no change in my hair with the "over the counter suds". So since then I have been using all of the last of my shampoos and conditioners, samples, travel sizes etc. And then I went to Target!

I love Aveeno everything! I have been using their face products for several years now and just love them, I have even applied to be a tester for them but they don't seem to be interested :( I will still be a loyal consumer though. So I had seen on their website that they had come out with a new shampoo/ conditioner line...just in time for my commitment to "over the counter" hair products. So of course I bought some (I think it is called nourish+shine?) and I bought some new body wash too! This stuff is amazing! I love taking a shower with my new products! I almost feel as if I am famous and aveeno is sending me all of this free stuff so I can feature it is the "what she is using" column in glamour magezine. Oh wait I am not but I can still live the dream for 12 minuites every morning?

On another consumer note, I am still debating on weather to splurge for a new digital camera. I have had my eye on a cannon on amazon and I may just break down this week. I feel that it would really enhance my recently lacking blog posts.

Lastly I really want an iPhone! I love my low cost alternative phone right now, and since I have Verizon it hasn't been a pressing issue, but I have to admit I have Sae cell phone envy whenever I am with her. I was talking about it to someone else the other day and they said that they felt less inteligent without a smart phone. I won't go that far but I will admit that when verizon gets the iphone I will probably edit one of my previous blog posts regarding cell phones. If I had an Iphone I wouldn't need a new camera so really I think I could be saving money??

Thursday, May 13, 2010

May Maddness

A few weeks ago I was counting down the days til May. The main reason is that I don't have class the month of May and will therefore have time to relax/ recharge/ and enjoy beautiful Charleston.

So this attempt all started by getting Annie's shots updated, if you have a dog and live in Charleston you know that this is essential for the Sullivan's Island Beach collar. I was trying to hold out as much as possible but my dad wanted me to get one. I have been blessed with a fabulous dog that everyone wants to take care of for me when I got out of town. My dad is now requiring certain accommodations for her, such as access to the beach, but it is a pretty happening spot before 10 on weekends. I will post later about the Sullivan's Island dog society, but for now.

SINCE I HAVE GOTTEN THE COLLAR I HAVE TAKEN HER 1 TIME! I had imagined taking her every morning and having quiet times etc...I have had no such luck. I wonder if she understands my disappointment?

So moving on to the other May disappointments. This weekend I got a bad halter top tan, apparently I missed a few spots on my shoulders. DON'T THE SUN GODS KNOW IT IS STRAPLESS SUNDRESS SEASON? I would go to the beach to get sun (for free) but unfortunately I am this morning I began the internal dialog of weather I was ok being pale and having extra cash (since I won't be payng the ultra tan) or if I would rather be tan and poor. I think I know what dave would say so I slather on some self tanner lotion and move on with the day, semi tan and paying my bills!

The conclusion is May hasn't been shaping up the way I wanted...but I have high hopes for June! We will see.


I once again made straight A's last semester! I only say this because once I start at MUSC I think the A's will be fewer so might as well brag now ;)

The first weekend of May was super busy but fun, lots of parties and lots of fun. Then this past weekend we had college girls weekend. It was so refreshing to be with my girls! Got to see my mom on mothers day and spend time with my sister, really fun. (I guess now that I think about it I have been playing pretty hard!)

I am done with babystep 1 and halfway through babystep 2 (if you don't know what this means than you don't know the feeling). I am trying to be crazy intense because I really want to call into Dave's show by the end of the summer!

SO THATS THE UPDATE... Oh and my camera is broken so maybe soon I will be able to buy a new one and have more photos...

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Book...

So I have subscription to Fitness Magazine...which I love getting once a month. It has great articles, clothing suggestions, and tips on exercising. This month in the magazine they talked about a book for summer. I remember reading about it because of the title.
So yesterday I went to town I am walking around of course I start to do my pee I go into Barnes and Noble. Barnes and Noble has a captive audience with me because I love books and a clean facility. As I am walking back out trying as hard as can to not look around (yes Dave Ramsey I am listening and I love the library!) what do I see but this book. So I begin to glance through the book...I NEED a book to read for the month of May since I won't be in class...and it is Sunday so the library is closed!
So I buy the book! And read the whole thing yesterday afternoon. This book has many insights into keeping your body healthy and hot. It has exercises to get you into shape and a diet, and yes you get to actually eat. So today I am starting my 2 day cleanse (read the book its not crazy). Right now I am enjoying my green tea snack :)

So what is the book...

So I am a little embarrassed to be putting this on my blog but it really is an amazing book and I want all of my friends to read it! Well I know that all of you look amazing, but it has tips on bronzing and a do it yourself pedicure. Things that I guess any cosmo reader would already know, but I am not a cosmo reader.

I took the book to the gym today (had to take of the jacket so that people wouldn't lust at the semi naked girl on the cover) and enjoyed my a.m. strength workout. Came home and exfoliated my legs in the shower and used my butt firming cream. Thankyou to my special friend that purchased this for me 2 Christmases in a row now it is amazing!

So this whole training diet thing is 6 weeks (well really 9 according to the book but the cover says 6?) so we will see if the book is as great as I think it is today.

Also thank you Traget for having really cute swim suits out for motivation! See you July 4th for the Biggest Loser Results!