Thursday, May 13, 2010

May Maddness

A few weeks ago I was counting down the days til May. The main reason is that I don't have class the month of May and will therefore have time to relax/ recharge/ and enjoy beautiful Charleston.

So this attempt all started by getting Annie's shots updated, if you have a dog and live in Charleston you know that this is essential for the Sullivan's Island Beach collar. I was trying to hold out as much as possible but my dad wanted me to get one. I have been blessed with a fabulous dog that everyone wants to take care of for me when I got out of town. My dad is now requiring certain accommodations for her, such as access to the beach, but it is a pretty happening spot before 10 on weekends. I will post later about the Sullivan's Island dog society, but for now.

SINCE I HAVE GOTTEN THE COLLAR I HAVE TAKEN HER 1 TIME! I had imagined taking her every morning and having quiet times etc...I have had no such luck. I wonder if she understands my disappointment?

So moving on to the other May disappointments. This weekend I got a bad halter top tan, apparently I missed a few spots on my shoulders. DON'T THE SUN GODS KNOW IT IS STRAPLESS SUNDRESS SEASON? I would go to the beach to get sun (for free) but unfortunately I am this morning I began the internal dialog of weather I was ok being pale and having extra cash (since I won't be payng the ultra tan) or if I would rather be tan and poor. I think I know what dave would say so I slather on some self tanner lotion and move on with the day, semi tan and paying my bills!

The conclusion is May hasn't been shaping up the way I wanted...but I have high hopes for June! We will see.


I once again made straight A's last semester! I only say this because once I start at MUSC I think the A's will be fewer so might as well brag now ;)

The first weekend of May was super busy but fun, lots of parties and lots of fun. Then this past weekend we had college girls weekend. It was so refreshing to be with my girls! Got to see my mom on mothers day and spend time with my sister, really fun. (I guess now that I think about it I have been playing pretty hard!)

I am done with babystep 1 and halfway through babystep 2 (if you don't know what this means than you don't know the feeling). I am trying to be crazy intense because I really want to call into Dave's show by the end of the summer!

SO THATS THE UPDATE... Oh and my camera is broken so maybe soon I will be able to buy a new one and have more photos...

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