Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sullivan's Morning with Poison Ivy!

I was able to take Annie to the beach this morning. It was a great time. I love seeing her excitement when she finds shells, stumps and jelly fish! It is hard to explain my love for annie. I never knew what it was like to love a pet as much as I love her. I am scared to have children because I know that I will think that they are even more amazing than annie, and that I will be that mom who thinks that her child is the greatest!

In regards to the beach... Giles and I last summer had a few run ins with "poison ivy". Really long story made short there is a woman who lives on Sullivan's that regulates the beach collars, hours of on leash and off leash time, poo patrol etc. You get what I am saying. So anyway last summer Giles and this woman had a few run ins. My favorite was the day that we went up "her private path" on mothers day. My mom was with us and poison ivy began to start to fight with Giles. She told us that it was " her path" and that we didn't have access to it. It was a public path, so Giles of course started to debate. He was winning until she told my mom there was poison ivy all down the path and to go ahead and get poison ivy! That immediately made mom want to turn around however it was after 10 so annie had to get off of the beach and we had already gone 200 yards through sand spurs so we weren't turning back! It was a stressful mothers day morning to say the least. There were a few other side stories regarding this woman but I have gone on enough. We hadn't seen her in a while and thought maybe she had moved off the island and her beach patrol...BUT TODAY I SPOTTED HER!

I had taken annie on a walk and was almost back to the car...I saw her 2 goldens, they are as pleasant as she is (sarcasm! they always pick on annie). I made sure to dangle my collar as to avoid a confrontation. She bent over and began petting annie. I am confused is this the same woman that created so much conflict for us every Saturday last summer? Oh yes however her scowl is gone? Her attire is different and she is giving Annie a treat (I have to admit I thought it could be poison at first). She stops and speaks to me I am sure it is the same woman but totally different. I am overjoyed at her friendliness. I can't wait for Giles to see this transformation it is really unbelievable!

It was an amazing morning and I am so glad that I slept through spin so I could slow down and enjoy the beautiful beach today. I can have a calm relaxed day knowing that annie has had her morning bonding with mommy, and that she as always has attracted compliments by all the beach walkers of how cute she is!

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