Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Running Topless!

I am hoping that just by the title I will get a few more readers for this one, it is a little more light hearted than my previous post...

So apparenly I write alot of stuff on here that people wonder but no one ever talks about or asks. I think that my chances of becoming royalty or the president are pretty slim so I am not going to hold back on my readers...

So I have always wanted to run without a shirt on. Mainly because it decreases the amount of laundry I would have to do, I would be able to get tan while I run, and because I always wanted to be that girl that could run in just a "jog bra" and have people marvel at my fitness. So Monday morning I decided it was the day! I put on my favorite jog skirt and jog bra and headed out. As many of yall know I have to have a supportive jog bra, half moon sells these great moving comfort bras with adjustable straps that I highly recommend. It is very supportive for you ladies that are livin large ;) So I ran for 45 minuites down mathis ferry through ion etc. When you are just wearing a bra I have found that it is easier to keep running because you want to look like a super star, and so that you can get home quicker.

I also ran without my muffin top! Yes it is true my diet/ excercie book is working. I have also tried to stop taking myself so seriously which I think has reduced my stress and therefore decreased my belly bulk. I read about that in the flat belly diet book I recently picked up at the library. It also focuses on reducing calories and I picked it up to give myself some more menu or snack ideas. Oh and it also has some fast food menu ideas too which is helpful for an on the go alternative, I will finish reading it and let you know if it is worth picking up.

A few other notes I bought new aveeno moisurizing lotion which was a disappointment, they missed the mark with this one! Also the "leg" cream that I use is called "Fat Girl Slim". I scrub the back of my legs every morning with st. Ives Apricot fiming scrub then put on the cream. To my 2 male readers...yes this is what girls talk about.


  1. So, I've ALWAYS wanted to run in a running bra, for those same reasons! It's got to be cooler and then you don't have to deal with the shirt, etc. But I've always been too insecure about my tummy. The other day, I thought, heck, now that I'm pregnant, I should do it. Then I reconsidered since my baby belly is getting scary big. But, I'm going to do it one day, maybe we can do it together!

  2. B, I'm a little jealous of the running shirtless thing. Since I've had Harrison, that has been out of the question. Though, it was pretty much out of the question before that. Here is my question: how in the world, in your 12 minute shower, do you have time to do all of the upkeep that you do on yourself. I would be in the shower for 30 minutes.