Monday, May 17, 2010

Aaahhh! aveeno

So I have been talking alot about saving money for many posts now and it continues but more in a happy to find context...
So I used to get suckered into getting the latest and greatest shampoo and conditioner when I go to get my hair done (there is always room in the budget for that!). I noticed though that I was spending a ton of money on "designer" shampoo and conditioner. I was converted around Christmas when I was traveling with little travel bottles of shampoo and noticed no change in my hair with the "over the counter suds". So since then I have been using all of the last of my shampoos and conditioners, samples, travel sizes etc. And then I went to Target!

I love Aveeno everything! I have been using their face products for several years now and just love them, I have even applied to be a tester for them but they don't seem to be interested :( I will still be a loyal consumer though. So I had seen on their website that they had come out with a new shampoo/ conditioner line...just in time for my commitment to "over the counter" hair products. So of course I bought some (I think it is called nourish+shine?) and I bought some new body wash too! This stuff is amazing! I love taking a shower with my new products! I almost feel as if I am famous and aveeno is sending me all of this free stuff so I can feature it is the "what she is using" column in glamour magezine. Oh wait I am not but I can still live the dream for 12 minuites every morning?

On another consumer note, I am still debating on weather to splurge for a new digital camera. I have had my eye on a cannon on amazon and I may just break down this week. I feel that it would really enhance my recently lacking blog posts.

Lastly I really want an iPhone! I love my low cost alternative phone right now, and since I have Verizon it hasn't been a pressing issue, but I have to admit I have Sae cell phone envy whenever I am with her. I was talking about it to someone else the other day and they said that they felt less inteligent without a smart phone. I won't go that far but I will admit that when verizon gets the iphone I will probably edit one of my previous blog posts regarding cell phones. If I had an Iphone I wouldn't need a new camera so really I think I could be saving money??

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