Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I have readers!

As some of you know I have felt a little silly sometimes writing my blog because I have felt like no one was reading it. So last week I linked my blog to google analytics. The first day I had zero hits! I of course was distressed because people had told me that they were reading it, but I was afraid that the google analytics would prove I am writing this to no one...
So I checked the analytics again today. In one week I have had 74 unique visitors! I immediately justified my need for a new camera to spice up my posts for those of you that are reading this. So I went to my amazon shopping cart and bingo I will be receiving a new camera tomorrow. I signed up for their amazon prime trial so I got free shipping! No need to get crazy and blow my budget on shipping, I did pay a little more for a camera with a video feature, just so that maybe I could get really crazy and posts videos. It is Giles' birthday next week too so I felt obligated to document the occasion for all of my faithful fans! And to whoever is reading this in Alaska, holla!

1 comment:

  1. Of couse you have readers Silly! I got your message. What are you doing this Thurs evening? I'm driving to Charleston to get my hair did in the afternoon.