Wednesday, May 19, 2010

6 years ago...

Its hard to believe how much time has past, how many things have changed, how little time has passed, and how little things have changed. It was six years ago today that my Grandfather, William Simons, passed away. Sometimes it feels like just yesterday he was here, laughing and joking, but then I come to the reality that he has gone on in life. Today I heard this song on XM ad it made me cry. It is so true of my feelings about the situation and losing someone that you love.

I had thought all day about attaching photos of our family, but unfortunately none of them are digital and my scanner and memory card are not being compatible at the moment :( I will try again tomorrow for the photos that I cherish.

A few days ago I had my feelings hurt again by a friend (which continues to happen so I don't even really know why I call them a friend) and was going to post a passive aggressive post about how I felt. Instead, I am going to post a positive uplifting message about a great friend that I do have...hang on it all comes back around hopefully.

This time six years ago my heart literally broke. I will never forget the nights I cried myself to sleep, the drives from Columbia to Charlotte to be with my grandfather, the outbursts of anger towards God. I have never been at such a place of hurt, sadness and vulnerability. I really don't know how anyone wanted to be my friend Spring semester of my Junior year of college I was literally a mess! God allowed me to maintain lots of friendships during this time and that is because they were deep true friendships! All of which I still have to this day, and truly cherish. Again back to the point...

Brandi Drake (now Brandi Lanier) came to my Grandfathers funeral and I will never forget her support! I never asked her to come but she insisted, she was the one at my side during my darkest of hours. In six years she has graduated college and medical school, gotten married, and is now expecting a sweet baby girl! She will be the best of mothers, I know because she lifted me up of the floor, wiped my face and loved me in the moment I needed it the most! I love you Brandi, and will never forget your friendship and how well you continue to love me.

I almost forgot that I picked her up from Columbia so she could ride with me to go get Annie in Florence (and the drive back to Columbia!). I will always remember that and how nervous I was and how reassuring she was...another example of her amazing friendship!


  1. Barb,
    I posted a comment (or so I thought) earlier today but I must not have done it right so here is a re-make. Just wanted to say I love you! and your grandfather would be so proud of the amazing lady you have become. I know I am!


  2. B, I love this post. I love your vulnerability. Almost as much as I love you...