Monday, June 25, 2012

6 month update

1. I got a job working at the MUSC Children's hospital...working on the pediatric cardiology floor. I am honored to work there especially since the program recently got nationally recognized! 2. Giles and I got engaged!!! We also set a date. May 11th, 2013. After we set a date I kindof went through an engagement slump. It was still a year off which just seemed like forever. It is going to work out well for us though as almost everytwhere was booked, Giles' business partner is going to be ovrsees on a military assignement, and now I can have a SPRING Wedding! I never really thought I would get as into it as I have. I get so excited now looking at bright flowers and lace dresses and the like. I never really thought I was so much of a girly girl but the other day I went into Lily Pulitzer and wanted almost everything in the place. I have also gotten really into paper. Invitations and stationary...I could spend a day going around to all of the different paper shops in town and then have a cup of yogurt for dinner and be perfectly content! 3. I haven't blogged in forever mainly because I haven't had time. I know that that is a lame excuse as so many of you other bloggers have jobs and kids etc. I think that the other reason I havent blogged in a while is because when I really dug deep and thought about it I began to feel convicted about blogging. I mean I know that sounds stupid but what was really the point of me blogging? Once I really started to think about I became really convicted. I mean really blogging made me feel good. When I would sign on and see that 200 had read a post of mine I became I am such a good writer and so interesting that people want so bad to read what I have to say. I wasn't really contributing anything to their life, society etc. I just felt like it was a big brass show of me blowing my own horn. That being said I think that my blog may change a little bit. I am hopefully going to come up with alot more meaningful things to say and share so that this will be a forum for encouragement to those of you that are still out there reading this :) Until my next profound thought that is it for now :)

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