Thursday, March 4, 2010

This is what I dream about...

A few months ago a friend told me that my house was too bare. I think that this is kind of humorous considering later that week someone told me it was cluttered. They had told me that in marriage counseling she had discovered that she was a piler (piles a few messes during the week to do one big cleaning on the weekend). She said she didn't know what kind of organization I had? What is that supposed to mean? I have always felt like I was kind of a minimalist but apparently not.

Most of my furniture has been given to me, and I have bought a few functional pieces for cheap. I don't really think that any of it has a cohesive style or even a style that I feel like is really me. I found this site that I love while looking for unique gifts (see previous post), and I absolutely fell in love with these two kitchens! Maybe one day I will be able to have a clean, semi-modern, minimal kitchen of my own!

I love the room off to the side of the kitchen (you can kind of see it in the background...see the fireplace?)and the lights too.

This one is a little warmer in my opinion...I love everything about this the clock and fridge especially! But have to admit even though I don't like stuff on the counter I do love kitchen gadgets and feel like I may need a little bit bigger kitchen.

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