Thursday, March 4, 2010

Shower Anxiety

As I am sure all of us ladies have experienced one year or another, it is wedding season. Now that we are getting older it is also baby shower season. It is time to see friends and share in each others lives. I love these get togethers!

Howevere there is the preperation that comes with these events that is beginning to cause me anxiety! Today I spent an hour in Coastal Cupboard looking for something thoughtful, one of a kind, and not crazy expensive. Well really if I am honest I was going to copy something that I saw as a gift at another shower and was going to copy the idea, but of course they were SOLD OUT!

So here is my dilema...I am not that cool. People bring gifts to showers that people ooh and ahhh over, thoughtful, personalized, handmade gifts...and I bring a salad spinner. OK, I am exagerating a little with the salad spinner but its not that far of a stretch. I not only envy the cool new kitchen and home accessories that the person recieves but also how cool the other people at the shower are for finding the unique treasures. How do these women work and/or have children and find these treasures? I know you are going to say the internet BUT...I have been on etsy for several hours since the shower I went to on Sunday, preparing for one this weekend and also looking for something super cute for an inevitable baby shower I will have later this spring, and nothing!

So to all of you that have these secret sources for wedding/ baby shower gifts please share, because I am about to order 6 salad spinners from amazon.


  1. Barbara, I remember you gave me awesome earrings (that i still wear and love) and something special that was orange and pink striped. So you do give awesome, creative and fun gifts.

  2. B, you give very practical gifts. I mean, I love to give a creative gift, but as a receiver of gifts, I definitely appreciate the more useful ones. Don't have anxiety about do a great job. This post did remind me of the salt and pepper shakers that you gave me at the monogram and mimosa shower.