Thursday, August 18, 2011

so pretty!

So I was looking to order some flowers for a friend of mine and was trying to get some inspiration. I really know nothing about flowers but thought that maybe if I looked over the web I would find some inspiration. First place that I called the lady was so rude and was obviously frustrated with my lack of knowledge. Then I called Stems where Lulie (Martin) Wallace had her gorgeous art show, but they didn't answer and I need the immediate gradification of ordering something at that very moment. And the I called Out of Hand!

The lady was so nice and said that she could make something gorgeous with my budget. She asked me what the event was for, and what colors I was looking for. I referenced their blog and one of the photos and she said it could be done and reassured me they had some gorgeous blues and purples in the shop!

I cannot wait to go pick them up tomorrow, I hope they are as pretty as I am excited!

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