Sunday, August 21, 2011

Break up & Make up

The Breakup:
I have been going to the same hair stylist since I graduated college, over 5 years ago! She has been there with me through lifes ups and downs and the chaos of my mid twenties. Last time I went to her I told her I was ready to spice it up...more highlights a fun cut... my hair was her canvas. Her response, "your not ready for that". Shouldn't I be the one deciding this?! It is my head and I have to look at it all the time! So after another boring highlight and haircut (which by the way continued to get more expensive with every visit) I came home sad and same old girl next door. After several months of being plan jane I made the switch. I was refered by some nurses to this girl, downtown, all of the nurses that go there have the cutest hair! I know this sounds silly but as I was driving to the new salon I passed the old salon and felt a little guilty. It really did feel like a breakup! If I run into my old hairdresser on the street she will know that I cheated on her with someone else. OH the stresses of being a girl.

So I love my new stylest Nicole. When I walked in and saw her I knew she was the one! I sat down and she asked me what I was wanting to which I replied, "I want my hair to look just like yours!" She really is that fabulous too. While she was doing my hair we talked about low maintenance styling options like how to make my hair wavy without having to blow dry and therefore damage my hair. She did suggest two products one I got at Sally's for 1.79 and the other from Ulta 3.99. This girl really knows how to help you make the most of your hair without maxing out your credit card! I attempted it today for the first time and I think that after a few tries it will look very beach babe, but actually the first attempt looks pretty good.

The Make-up:
Special thanks to Welles Bricker for my newest obsession:

In my lack of tom boyness theme I have enjoyed watching lots of her videos. I went to CVS and ULTA and got a few of the things she recomended and have really liked all of them.

Though I don't think I will ever have a "collection" of makeup it is fun to get ideas on how to spice up my routine...since after all it has been the same since I first started wearing makeup.

Who knows maybe next time you see me you will mistake me for Kim Kardashian...I think I am a long way from this...though I did get a Cover Girl smokey eye shadow palate!

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