Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Butt Camp

I'm not afraid of swim suit season, and that is because sadly I rarely make it out to the beach during the summer because of work and school obligations. When I do go it is most of the time with my bestest and closest friends. Since most of them have seen me naked at some point in our friendship (through living together, trips, and well to put it bluntly I'm not that modest) I figure me in a swim suit is probably easier on the eyes!

What does scare me is Fall. That day sometime between Sept. 1st and Oct. 31st when it gets cold enough to break out last years jeans...WILL THEY FIT? Especially being back in school I appreciate it more because... I am too broke to go buy new jeans and therefore have to pray my jeans can make it through til graduation. Then maybe I can get a new pair once I start a job! Maybe even buy a pair of James Jeans like these:

So my plan to do this is to actually train for the Race for The Cure in October:


So the training started today. I did my 3 Interval 400 meter runs (I did this last week too but this is the beginning of the 8 week training plan) and I did all 3 in less than 2 minuites...therfore an 8min mile pace...if I could sustain the same pace for more than 1 consecutive lap...which I have hopes to do but don't see that becomeing my reality...but it did feel pretty good lapping a few people at the track this morning!

Maybe I can finish the race at my goal time and also fit into my jeans!

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