Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Race for the Cure

Please support me and this great cause that will benefit all of us girls (and the men too)!

Read on to see why this means so much to me...or you can skip that and just go straight to the website and donate! Or you can go to the website and sign up to run October 15th, 2011, Daniel Island, SC.

Many of you may not know this because it was a personal experience that wasn't so light and funny and therefore didn't really make it to the blog but here it is... also I am going into a few details only because since this experience several people have contacted me about their breast lumps and so maybe it will help someone else??

Again...Read on to see why this means so much to me...or you can skip that and just go straight to the website and donate!

April 2011 I found a hard lump in my right breast. It was about the size of a peanut and very sore (which is probably because I became obsessed with it and kept feeling it). I contacted my OBGYN to get a clinical breast exam, ok lets be honest I called my OBGYN hysterical and demanded to be seen that week!
When I went to the exam she attempted to aspirate the lump and got nothing out, she said since it was very symmetrical that she didn't worry as much about it but that since it was not fluid filled I should go to a specialist to confirm it was not cancer. CANCER! You have got to be kidding me I am 28 and healthy and this can't be happening. I waited 2 long weeks to be seen by the specialist all the while ending the semester which included final exams...I was stressed to say the least!
So the day of the exam I am confident that it is nothing and my dad and I make our way over to the doctor. We pull into the parking lot and I see the sign...

I look up and see the pink ribbon in the sign and realize it is going to be a long day. So they do an ultrasound, which by the way they told me that that is better for younger women because our breasts are more muscular vs mammograms for older women because they are more fatty. The doctor came in to discuss our options...watchfully wait to see if it grows or take a core biopsy.

Core biopsy the way it was explained to me "oh we put a small probe into your breast and take a small sample of tissue out and you are numbed before and really feel no pain just pressure, and you can get your results back by the end of the week!" That option sounded good to me I could get results back with little discomfort and have piece of mind and get good results and move on with my life. I am still glad I did it but lets be honest it hurt like a biotch!

and this is not my breast, I love my readers and am not that modest but sorry google images will have to do!

And did I mention to take this "small sample" they take 3 and it is literally a gun that makes this loud shooting noise to chew its way through your tissue? It feels like you are getting punched in the chest and the swelling and bruising for about the week after looked like it too.

So if you are still reading and not totally grossed out by now the conclusion of the story is : Yes I have a tumor in my breast, no it is not cancer, and I have to follow up at the beginning of the year with another ultra sound as long as it isn't getting bigger (which it isn't!). I will most likely have to get it removed in the future and alot of that again is weather it grows over time, we shall see. In the mean time I still feel the lump, I have a scar where they took the sample, and I am reminded everyday how close I was to cancer (and yes I am at greater risk now for getting it in the future).

All of that being said I would love for you to support the cause that will raise money to continue to fight for womens tatas everywhere! Donate $ or run it with me I would love to have your support.

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  1. B! I had no idea. I swear having this baby, I've been living under a rock. I'm so thankful that you checked yourself.