Monday, August 8, 2011

So apparently I am not a Tom Boy?!

I always thought of myself as a bit of a tomboy. Maybe of the spice girls sporty spice. Well I have come to realize that I am a bit of a girly girl. Yesterday I was at Dick's with the boys getting some new running shorts. Giles took the opportunity to inform me that everyday I either wear something with pink or purple at least once a the choice of my teal shorts suprised him. Really?! When I got home and looked in my closet sure enough he is pretty right.

Later on he rented a movie and told me that it was a love is every other movie. Now there are some war movies with a grain of romance in them, but this was not at all! There was a girl in the movie about 5 minuites total. Why couldn't he have rented Bridesmaids (which I still haven't seen!).

So I thought that I would take this day to post about all things girly...

I got a new candle at Target yesterday which Parker informed me this morning smells sweet and pretty...YES!

I got the Traget brand called sugar blossom and it is amazing! $4.99 makes it extra enjoyable!

The shorts that I got were grey and pink but I figured they would be perfect for the Race for the Cure in October! Maybe I could time myself with this watch..hint hint if someone wants to buy it off amazon for me :)

Finally I have to get my nursing school picture taken at the end of September these are some of the looks I am debating between....

I love reesey cup!

So fun and girly!

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