Monday, February 22, 2010

Sailing on a February Day

This past weekend Giles and I went out on a client/friends boat. It was a gorgeous weekend to go out and our harbour cruise was perfect! Giles' parents were in town and his dad went out with us too. It was me and 4 old men (yes Giles is a very old soul)...there are some very funny memories but I think you had to be there? Or maybe I just don't want to subject any of you to stories about the good ole days at the Citadel in 1970's, what happened in vietnam, or views of the current government.

Mandy and Adam we missed you! Next time y'all have to come down!

One week after the snow here we are...I love Charleston!

Love the Bridge!

Whitney's Birthday!

I was so excited to see Whitney on her birthday! She is a gorgeous 30 year old and I am so blessed to have her in my life. Here is a birthday picture (please notice the #1 daughter ribbon my dad gave her!) as well as a few from the past year that I like.

30 and flirty!

Lunch at the Whitewater Center

Summer Visit so fun!

Monday, February 15, 2010

President's Day

As many of you know I am applying to nursing school. I hope to start in the fall on my next chapter of life. I had to apply and get letters of recommendation, transcripts, and write essays. I thought that I could sit back and relax waiting to receive word on school. It has been far from that!

As a little girl I loved little women and was always so torn waiting for them to get their requests from suitors. In the old movies letters are delayed and women's lives are forever changed because they never knew that the man they loved, loved them back. I have become one of those women!

I harass Ashley and Fran to see if they have checked the mail and if anything is for me. I count down the days since I applied, since they say they will let you know within a month. I was thrilled with the snow but then realized that my letter may become delayed because of it. Now President's Day! Why do we celebrate president's day? In all my free time that I have not spent getting the mail I researched. Presidents' Day is celebrated in February to honor two of our greatest presidents, Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. The holiday is celebrated in the United States on the third Monday in February.

I love what our forefathers have given us! But it pains me to have one more day for the mail to get delayed and one more day of waiting to see if I will be able to start school in the fall. I love my blackberry, texting, and chatting on all sorts of different sites....but now I wait....

When we were children president's day meant no school, now I have to work, and wait...

Happy Valentine's Day

So as most of you know I am really not one for excessive celebrating of holidays. Since I have rarely had anyone to celebrate Valentine's Day with I would say that this "holiday" is no exception. I actually worked last year on Valentine's just so I would have an excuss why I could not celebrate. Last year at Chick-fil-A we passed out little nugget boxes with coupons and chocholate to all of the ladies. Little did I know that I would meet Giles that day and that one year later we would be celebrating again!

It is really hard not to get into the romance and cheesyness of Valentines Day when it is also your anniversary, even for someone like me. Giles and I had not really made a big deal out of it we were going to go to dinner at our favorite place, 17 North, on Saturday night and just stay low key. The weekend turned out to be one of the most magical we have ever had. Sharing a kiss on the top of the new Ben Saywer bridge in the snow especially!

Giles and his brother Travis in Lousianna

Giles gave me a new digital picture frame which made me have to go through all of my old photos so I could move them over. I realized what a fun year we have had, and how lucky I am to have found my best friend one year ago. I also realized how blessed I am to have great friends that love me and that I can go through this crazy ride of life with. I know I am getting really sappy and I apoligize but with all of this love in the air I figure what better time of year. So hear are a few of my favorite photos from the past year or so...

Annie loves adventure too!

I have been blessed to have such great roomates!

friends :)

The most amazing weekend ever!

Whenever I hear of snow in Charleston I have to laugh. Busiesses begin to shut down, there is a run on the grocery store, and pretty much everyone in town becomes a weather expert. Giles and I were not worried about the snow in the least, and headed off to the oyster roast. On the way there we went up to the top of the new Ben Sawyer Bridge which is almost complete. This was one of my favorite memories of our relationship together, it was truely Nicholas Sparksish Once we got to the Oyster Roast on Gold Bug we waited for the wintery mix, I with much doubt and speculation. Then the snow poured snow. Grown adults raced outside for snow ball fights, snow angels, and tons of pictures. I am sure that all of these people had seen snow before, but there is something about snow in Charleston that is really is magical.
Giles lead the charge back up to the top of the bridge where we continued to celebrate this rare night. One of the foreman did run us off the bridge which made it feel that much more of a rebellion. After leaving the oyster roast we rode back to the house, stopping in the K Mart parking lot so that the boys could do donuts. I can't even do this night justice for how much fun it was to be with all of my favorite people sharing these moments together!