Monday, February 15, 2010

The most amazing weekend ever!

Whenever I hear of snow in Charleston I have to laugh. Busiesses begin to shut down, there is a run on the grocery store, and pretty much everyone in town becomes a weather expert. Giles and I were not worried about the snow in the least, and headed off to the oyster roast. On the way there we went up to the top of the new Ben Sawyer Bridge which is almost complete. This was one of my favorite memories of our relationship together, it was truely Nicholas Sparksish Once we got to the Oyster Roast on Gold Bug we waited for the wintery mix, I with much doubt and speculation. Then the snow poured snow. Grown adults raced outside for snow ball fights, snow angels, and tons of pictures. I am sure that all of these people had seen snow before, but there is something about snow in Charleston that is really is magical.
Giles lead the charge back up to the top of the bridge where we continued to celebrate this rare night. One of the foreman did run us off the bridge which made it feel that much more of a rebellion. After leaving the oyster roast we rode back to the house, stopping in the K Mart parking lot so that the boys could do donuts. I can't even do this night justice for how much fun it was to be with all of my favorite people sharing these moments together!

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