Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

So as most of you know I am really not one for excessive celebrating of holidays. Since I have rarely had anyone to celebrate Valentine's Day with I would say that this "holiday" is no exception. I actually worked last year on Valentine's just so I would have an excuss why I could not celebrate. Last year at Chick-fil-A we passed out little nugget boxes with coupons and chocholate to all of the ladies. Little did I know that I would meet Giles that day and that one year later we would be celebrating again!

It is really hard not to get into the romance and cheesyness of Valentines Day when it is also your anniversary, even for someone like me. Giles and I had not really made a big deal out of it we were going to go to dinner at our favorite place, 17 North, on Saturday night and just stay low key. The weekend turned out to be one of the most magical we have ever had. Sharing a kiss on the top of the new Ben Saywer bridge in the snow especially!

Giles and his brother Travis in Lousianna

Giles gave me a new digital picture frame which made me have to go through all of my old photos so I could move them over. I realized what a fun year we have had, and how lucky I am to have found my best friend one year ago. I also realized how blessed I am to have great friends that love me and that I can go through this crazy ride of life with. I know I am getting really sappy and I apoligize but with all of this love in the air I figure what better time of year. So hear are a few of my favorite photos from the past year or so...

Annie loves adventure too!

I have been blessed to have such great roomates!

friends :)

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