Friday, August 3, 2012

Engagement...Less that Engaging

I have noticed since being engaged that most of my conversations are becoming pretty surface-ie. As soon as I see people now the first thing they ask is "how is wedding planning going" followed by do you have a dress, where are you registered, have you decided on bridesmaid dresses etc. I have recently begun to feel very disconnected from what really matters. Last night I was able to catch up with my old roomie Ashley (Abide) Jeter....and her sweet baby (which is in her belly but she was there too!). While we did talk about wedding stuff we also talked about real stuff. What is going on in our lives. It was so nice to talk about what really matters with such a great friend, listener, and supporter. I am so stinking excited to see her become a mom and the many blessings God has in store for her for her future! I am also pretty pumped about her moving to Mt. Pleasant! Score for east cooper peeps for sure.

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  1. B,

    The pleasure was ALL mine I can promise you. I loved getting to have you all to myself and to talk about REAL life things too. You have an amazing year in front of you, my friend. I am thrilled to see how you embrace all the love and attention coming your way.

    Love you lots,