Friday, September 2, 2011

My "new dining room"

This time last year I had just put my house on the realestate market. Starting school was not free, and I had hopes to get the equity out of my house in order to pay for it. Against Dave Ramsey's advise I took out student loans. Against the schools advise I worked while in school. The past year has flown by and I cannot believe that Graduation is almost here!

So my house didn't sell, which I am actually very glad it didn't. I love my house even more eachday and cannot imagine the heartache I would have had selling and moving. Leaving the memories of parties, and roomates, and now the Branch boys, and dogs, and cooking.

The love I felt for my house though was definately not being reflected in the decor. It was the same cream white in all but 1 room, pictures were still not hung, and my style was definately not showing. The majority of my furniture was free so I am not complaining in the least about it not reflecting my style especially since many of the pieces came from professionally decorated model homes (benefit of my dad being a realestate developer) or were family pieces given to me...and many have sentimental value.

if you are still with me here are some photos to reflect my point:

note the bare wall
Now for the "After" :

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