Thursday, September 1, 2011

More Bitter than Sweet

Today marks the end of summer...
I have had the past 3 weeks off (almost)from school! I have still been working 3 shifts a week but I got a taste of working 3 : 12 hour shifts and it was sweet. On the other days that I had off I did nothing, went to the beach, almost completed my todo list, caught up with friends etc. The first week back at school has already taken its toll on me with exhaustion and a severe sinus cold. I have confidence though that my 3 weeks off charged my batteries enough to make it through one more semesterand that I will pass the boards, get a job after graduation, and once again have the sweet life of only working 3 days a week.

Why today did I feel such an emptiness after the summer? Deep breath and try not to cry (afterall you are sitting in lecture!).

Today Giles and his sister in law, Carrie, flew to Loisianna to get her stuff to move into her new house. So why does that make me sad. Well as most of you know Carrie and her two precious boys have been living with Giles and I this summer, making my townhouse a home.

This is a classic photo of Tyler!

Brotherly Love!

Yes it was a small place that was busting at the seams all summer, afternoon naps were rarely had, I watched wonderpets about 1000 times (if you don't know what I am talking about consider yourself lucky), had art work all over the walls, toys all over the floor, and the dishwasher and or washer/dryer were always running. Wouldn't I be celebrating peace and quite??

I dropped Carrie and Giles off at the airport (at 5 am!) for their long journey in the u-haul when I got home it was sooo quite! With 3 hours to fill before class I went for a run, changed the sheets on the beds, cleaned the bathroom, and then sat in the muteness. Then I decided I would go ahead and go to school 45 minutes early what else was I going to do?

So in class I have been looking at new throw pillows, a new coffee table, and e-readers. Unfortunately I don't think that any of these things things can take away the huge void that I feel trying to think about what I am going to do to fill the time, memories and love that I have felt over the summer.

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