Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lessons Learned

So this year I am trying to only be positive on the blog. I have many very positive things that I would like to share, however today on this dreary rainy Tuesday I would also like to share some less pleasant thoughts as well. So if you are waiting on this post (coworkers) scroll down.

Pleasant Thoughts:

1. I am loving my new school schedule especially since now I can go to the gym after class. One of the greatest things about this is that I have alot of the little trial sized toiletries in my gym bag, this makes me happy! For example yesterday I didn't put on any body lotion in the morning...any of my huge family sized lotion that will take me a year to finish! The travel sized lotion was a great change, I love it! It's St. Ives and I highly suggest it. It was just the little happiness I needed for my afternoon workout!

2. I am also loving my resolution to brown bag it to school. I have a really cute lunch bag (it's not brown but you get the idea).

3. I am so thankful for my sweet neighbor that is watching Annie two days a week. It is a huge help! She will not let me pay her, but I did get her a cute card and a manicure giftcard as a thanks and she called me crying...SO SWEET!

4. I got a job at the hospital and finish orientation on Thursday. I haven't gotten to work on the actual floor yet but I am so excited already to be getting closer to being an actual nurse!

5. I am hoping to finish my taxes within the next few weeks (just waiting on one form). I realized that one of the benefits of being a BROKE college student is that I don't have to pay taxes! Well I paid taxes but I am getting a large refund (at least that is how it is looking like now). Thankyou Obama! Finally I can take advantage of the tax reforms!

And now for the not as pleasant thoughts:

1. So after I turned in my 2 weeks notice a my old job (I am not going to name the place but most of you know anyways)...the next night i worked I was fired! I really do not care at all especially considering I will be working at the hospital now, but it did sting a little to be fired. One of my friends Nicole told me to quit before they could fire me...but I thought it would be a nice experience since I have NEVER been fired before. I think that I also may have said "I want to get fired so I can write about it on my blog". So her it is...

2. I have worked since I was 13, I have had many jobs, ALL OF WHICH WERE FAR SUPERIOR TO MY LATEST JOB! Some highlights would be my manager at Ann Taylor Loft (Sally) she was by far the best manager ever! Probably why she is the regional manager now and has a beautiful family too. Josh and Sonia the owners of Chick-fil-A. I could go on and on about how great they are, but lets just say it was the best "fast food" job I could have ever wanted...and lets not forget Mr. Norman I love him! The vision and energy at Chick-fil-A is so great and definitely a major blessing in my life! I also worked from Half-Moon Outfitters in college. They have the most amazing owner, staff, and corporate culture! I also have worked for my dad which was a great experience and allowed me many opportunities like meeting very successful executives and working with family is an interesting experience but one I would not have done differently. Through all of these experiences I have learned a ton, and now I would like to share what I have learned for my former employer, not that they will read it but maybe it will help some of my readers.

DON'T start every staff meeting with "Don't screw up because the owner is looking to fire someone" followed by lets be a good team and be positive because negativity is a cancer that kills the entire staff...so wait should we be positive and help each other or should we be scared to death that we will loose our jobs and not be able to pay our bills?

***EDITED*** People read my blog for a sweet escape therefore I have deleted some content.

BE humble, thankful, respectful, positive, and therefore successful!

I would like to give a little plug for waitstaff everywhere as well as the people that work in the kitchen...The staff at my previous job were the nicest, most caring, supportive people I have ever worked with! They are all highly educated, great parents, and great employees. Some work 60 plus hours with little thanks and little pay. Even though we were all very different and at different points in our lives I really did feel like it was a family! I really will miss them all!

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